Your move is approaching and you need to lock in a date for the transport of your furniture? Like most of our clients, the majority of people have the weekend to move and need to coordinate the move and the handover cleaning over the weekend or take a day off during the week. If you are wondering what days you can and cannot move, this article is for you. What are the moving days and times in Switzerland? You will find all the information you need in this article.


Can I move at the weekend in Switzerland?

Yes, it is possible to move at the weekend in Switzerland. Here are some tips:

Is it possible to move to Switzerland on a Saturday?

In Switzerland, you can move on a Saturday, either by yourself or with a morving company. However, you must respect the “hours of rest”, which means that you must avoid noise pollution as much as possible during the following times:

  • Respect the silence of residents before 7am
  • Respect the silence of residents after 10pm
  • Respect the lunch break between 12pm and 1pm

Is it possible to move on Sundays in Switzerland?

There is nothing to prevent you from moving on Sunday in Switzerland. However, it is considered a “day of rest”. Since it is very difficult to move in total silence, here are some tips:

Tell your neighbours that you are moving

Consider leaving a note in the stairwell to let the neighbours know you are moving. Here is an example of a message you can leave for your neighbours:

“Dear neighbours,

we would like to inform you that our move will take place on [date] from [time]. It is therefore possible that the loading of furniture and boxes will cause some noise pollution.

We will, of course, try to keep the noise disturbance to a minimum.

Yours sincerely

The [name] family ”

Don’t start your move too early

There is nothing more annoying than being woken up at 7am on a Sunday morning by the sound of screwdrivers coming from the flat next door. Try to start your move after 9.30am.

Respect the lunch break

Take an hour’s break to eat a pizza with friends, this will give your neighbours a break from the noise of the drills and the traffic in and out in the building. This is part of the regulations for your future home.

However, it is forbidden for a moving company to carry out a service on Sunday. If you wish to hire a moving company, we advise you to choose a Saturday or another day of the week and to take advantage of Sunday to unpack your moving boxes.

Can I move on a public holiday?

Swiss law does not stipulate that you cannot move on a public holiday. However, the “hours of rest” rule does apply. We also advise you to inform your neighbours of your move.

If you wish to hire a moving company to carry out a service on a public holiday, this may be complicated but not impossible.

In fact, a company will have to request authorisation to carry out its professional activity on a public holiday. This is why many companies are closed on most public holidays.

In addition, employees are entitled to an increase of 50% of the normal hourly pay for hours worked on this day according to the law. As a result, the costs to the company are higher and the removal quote is likely to be more expensive on a public holiday than on an ordinary day.