Are you looking for an apartment in Lausanne? Then it will be a great help if you read this article. To give you a comprehensive overview of the housing market in Lausanne, we have put together some important tips for your apartment search. You will also find out which portals and providers are the quickest ways to find an apartment.

The Lausanne housing market

Lausanne is a hotly contested place when it comes to finding accommodation. Vacant apartments are not a common occurrence in Lausanne. The vacancy rate in 2017 was around 0.4%. The vacancy rate is calculated as the ratio of the number of vacant dwellings to the total housing stock. This means that not many flats in Lausanne are empty, which makes the prospect of a suitable residence for you more difficult.

If you want to move to Lausanne, the municipal housing prices are an additional problem. In 2016, according to an NZZ article, Lausanne was the third most expensive municipality in Switzerland for 3 to 3.5 room apartments. This makes it twice as difficult to find an affordable apartment.

Nevertheless, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because in 2017 the Wüest Partner company expected there to be an increasing supply of rental apartments. This could have a positive effect on Lausanne. Tenants will have a larger range to choose from. The reason for this is a large number of apartments that were either under construction or about to start construction at that time.

1. Determine the search criteria yourself: What do I want?

How you search for an apartment should be well thought out and structured. First, you should get a clear idea of what kind of apartment you are looking for. This includes, among other things, where the apartment should be in Lausanne and what requirements it should meet. A clear vision of your dream home in advance simplifies the search considerably.

2. Important real estate platforms

Nowadays it is much easier to get information. Through the web you get a variety of possibilities to search and find an apartment. But the abundance can also be a problem, because you first have to find out which websites there are. For a less time-consuming variant, we have compiled the best-known and most important platforms for you in the following list:

If you visit these real estate platforms, you will quickly see that most of them have the same apartments advertised in Lausanne. On many platforms, you can create a specific search subscription for free. The subscription will find the apartments for you that match your search criteria. You will then receive the latest offers by email. This procedure saves time. Why don’t you try it out?

3. Social networks for the housing search

Social media and networks are also a good way to find an apartment in Lausanne. For example, you can use Facebook to search for groups in which private individuals advertise their homes. To do this, however, you usually have to become a member of this group. To do this, you must send a request to the owner of the group.

4. Dated but recommendable: the bulletin board

You are probably familiar with the often said sentence: “It used to be better”. According to this wisdom, it would be worth a try to look at the bulletin boards. You can find them in supermarkets or other social places, for example. Often there are advertisements on the bulletin board and you may find them there.

5. Vitamin B for easier apartment-hunting in Lausanne

A useful group for the search for an apartment in Lausanne is your circle of friends and acquaintances. Nowadays, a lot of things are done online when looking for an apartment, but you should not ignore the offline world. Your friends are often in contact with other people who are just moving out or want to rent out their apartment. It is therefore worth telling as many friends as possible that you are looking for an apartment. This will give you the chance to be the first person to obtain information about an apartment that will soon be available for rent.

6. The network of your own property management company

If you are moving within Lausanne, your own property management is a good place to go to ask for vacant apartments. They are usually well connected in the real estate scene and manage several properties in the city. If a tenant wishes to move out of a property in Lausanne, it is logical that the relevant property manager should be the first to know.

7. Read advertisements in local newspapers in Lausanne

Although housing advertisements in local newspapers are relatively rare, it is worth looking through them. In some local newspapers, private individuals may advertise apartments.

8. Advertise yourself and let people find you

Time-consuming tenant castings with potential tenants can put off many apartment owners. Therefore, some decide to search for suitable tenants on their own. That’s why you have to be able to be found! For this reason, it may be advisable to spread an advertisement about yourself in different ways. It is important to make sure that your contact details are clearly visible so that you can be reached quickly and easily.

9. Our last hint when looking for an apartment in Lausanne

This platform is probably no longer a secret, but a visit to Ron Orp Lausanne is certainly worthwhile. With the help of a filter, you can find suitable apartments there.

The Tenants’ Association of Lausanne – the first port of call for legal questions and problems

If you have found a new home, problems with the neighborhood or property management are of course not excluded. In such cases, you can contact the Lausanne Tenants’ Association. The association is familiar with legal issues relating to housing and tenancy law. Tenants can thus request help and advice from the Tenants’ Association. The only thing is that membership and advice are not free of charge. For example, a membership for one year costs CHF 60. An individual consultation for non-members costs CHF 100.