If you are looking for an apartment in St.Gallen and are planning to move to or in St.Gallen, then you have come to the right place. We give you 9 important tips on where and on which pages you can find a suitable apartment in St.Gallen.

Let’s start with the facts: The housing market in St.Gallen

Compared to other large Swiss cities, the housing market in St.Gallen is rather relaxed. The vacancy rate was 1.8% in 2017, with the vacancy rate measuring the proportion of vacant apartments in the total housing stock. In comparison, the vacancy rate was 0.2% in Zurich, 0.5% in Basel and 0.6% in Berne. But what exactly does this mean for you? The vacancy rate has a direct influence on your chances of finding a suitable and affordable apartment, which is why your prospects in St.Gallen are good.  

Define your own search criteria: What kind of apartment am I looking for?

In order to be more efficient when looking for an apartment, it is best to determine your exact apartment criteria beforehand: What must the new apartment offer, how large should it be, with or without balcony, which location is important to you and how expensive may it be? If you have clear housing criteria and know exactly what you want, this makes your search easier and you can distinguish more quickly between interesting and uninteresting apartments in St.Gallen.

The most important real estate platforms

There are a variety of real estate platforms on the Internet. We have put together the most important ones for you:

As you can see, there is no shortage of platforms on the Internet on which apartments in St.Gallen are advertised. What you will soon notice, however, is that some of the same apartments are advertised on several real estate platforms. For this reason, it is worth creating a search subscription. This is offered free of charge by many platforms, whereby those apartments that meet your criteria will then be sent to you by e-mail.  

Use social networks when looking for accommodation in St.Gallen

Social networks are always a good way to find an apartment in St.Gallen. For example, there are special groups on Facebook on which private individuals advertise apartments in St.Gallen. However, these groups are often closed, which means that you have to make a request to the group owner to see the advertisements.

Old-fashioned but useful: The bulletin board

The bulletin board may seem a bit out of date and old-fashioned, but it is still used by older people in particular to advertise advertisements. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the bulletin board on your next trip to the supermarket. Often there are also advertisements for apartments.

Vitamin B when looking for a place to live in St.Gallen

Vitamin B is very important when looking for accommodation. Because someone often knows someone who in turn knows someone who lives in an apartment in St.Gallen and is about to move out. So ask your friends and try to spread the word that you are looking for an apartment in St.Gallen.

Ask your own property management for an apartment

Property management companies are particularly well connected in the real estate scene. Therefore, it is worth asking your own property management for a free or soon available apartment in St.Gallen.

Search newspaper advertisements

When you are looking for accommodation, make sure to browse through the newspaper ads of smaller local newspapers in St.Gallen. Because there are always great homes in the best location advertised by private people.

Advertise yourself and let yourself be found

As some apartment owners want to save themselves the long tenant castings, some of them prefer to look for a new tenant for their property on their own. It is therefore advisable that you also create and publish an advertisement about yourself when looking for accommodation. Write a few nice lines about yourself and don’t forget to place your contact details clearly visible – who knows, maybe it will work this way.

Our last tip for the apartment hunt in St.Gallen: Ron Orp St.Gallen

Ron Orp St.Gallen is no longer an insider tip when looking for an apartment, but it is not as well known as the big real estate platforms. Take a look there, because under the heading “Real Estate” private individuals advertise apartments in St.Gallen and the surrounding area.

For legal questions or problems: The tenants’ association St.Gallen

If you have problems with your new neighborhood or property management, the St.Gallen Tenants’ Association can help you. The tenants’ association specializes in legal issues relating to living and renting and supports tenants in disputes with third parties. Have a look at their blog, there you will find numerous articles about your rights as a tenant.

But until then we wish you much success in your search and hope that you are happy in your new home.

Information: If the move to St.Gallen is imminent, you can find the most important addresses in St.Gallen here.