A classic: You’re at home, preparing the dough for the cake. But when you look into the cabinet, you realize that you forgot to buy eggs. How practical that you can just ring at the neighbor’s door and ask them for eggs, right? People can definitely benefit from a good relationship with their neighbors. Because of that, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors after the move. We have some tips and ideas on how to introduce yourself properly.

kids looking over the fence to the neighbors house


How to Introduce yourself to your New Neighbors

There are different approaches to introducing yourself after the move. It’s important not to be invasive, to be relaxed and to have some finesse.


Mailbox Info Letter

You can already announce your move with an info letter for your neighbors. Describe yourself and the people moving with you in a few sentences. Introduce yourself, tell them what you do and how old you are. Very important: add a friendly photo. And of course, don’t forget to mention the date of the move. You can also ask your neighbors to keep some parking spaces free for the day of the move. By the way: A move is often loud and it can get dirty. You can already “apologize” for the circumstances in advance. The advantage of such an introduction is that your neighbors know that someone is moving in and whom they’re dealing with. Maybe one of the new neighbors will even help you carry some moving boxes.


Personal Introduction

As soon as you moved in, you should introduce yourself personally. Is it a big apartment building? In that case, you should introduce yourself to the people on the same floor. You can just go from door to door. Also, maybe think of a small thing that you could give to the new neighbors. It can be a few pieces of cake you baked yourself or some flowers. You also don’t need to hold a big speech, a few sentences about yourself should be enough. After all, your neighbors should already know you from the letter in the mailbox.

The disadvantage of this door to door introduction is that you won’t meet everyone if you go by at an inconvenient time. Also, talks at the door aren’t usually the best talks. But such an introduction also gives you an idea about your neighbors. If you plan to hold a small housewarming party, you should already mention that. If a polite but distant relationship with your neighbors is enough and you don’t want to invite them, you’re good after that introduction and you don’t need to do anything else.


Housewarming Party

You’re not in the mood for a personal introduction from door to door? Or did you already notice that the neighbors are really nice and you’d like to invite them? Then don’t wait too long. Your apartment doesn’t have to be furnished perfectly for a housewarming party. It’s important that the kitchen works and that there’s enough space to stand or sit comfortably. Invite your new neighbors early enough. Either with a notice in the stairwell or with a personal invitation in their mailboxes. Traditionally, many guests will bring bread and salt as a moving in present. Tell them on the invitation, that they don’t need to bring any presents. That way you won’t have to store several kilograms of salt in your pantry.

You don’t need to offer your guests a three-course meal. An invitation to an aperitif with finger food is perfectly fine. Also, don’t forget vegetarian alternatives. If the guests stay longer than expected, you can always get some pizzas from the freezer or some bags with chips. It’s important that there are enough drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. After all, you don’t want your new neighbors to think that you’re a miser. If you don’t want the party to go on for too long, invite them during the week. Otherwise, Friday evenings are always a good option. Also think about whether you want your new neighbors and your old friends to be present. If it’s going to be a mixed party, make sure to talk to your neighbors. It would be a shame to invite them but miss out on getting to know them.

Speaking of getting to know them: Neighbors obviously won’t be soulmates. It’s not unusual for talks to come to a halt. But you can always talk about the one common thing you have: the neighborhood. Here are some ideas:

  • Where are the best shopping facilities?
  • Which kindergarten can the neighbors recommend?
  • Are there beautiful places like parks where the neighbors like to go?
  • Are there activities in the neighborhood, like grill parties in the summer?
  • Which nearby restaurants do the neighbors prefer?


As you can see, there are enough questions to keep a conversation. And who knows, maybe you will discover some similarities?


Advantages of a Good Household Community

Of course, you don’t need to become best friends with your neighbors. But it’s always a good idea to have been in contact with them before something negative happens. Should your neighbor love to play heavy metal music at full volume during the night, it’s good if you already know each other. Then a request to turn the music down can go with a friendly clap on the shoulder.

And even if you absolutely don’t click with your neighbor, there are only advantages to know the neighbor a bit. After all, who should water your plants when you’re on vacation? Who will accept your package when you’re not at home? And of course: Who will give you some eggs when you want to bake a cake and forgot to buy them? So, have courage to get to know your neighbors.



Picture: Sarah G “On the fence” | flickr