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The picture shows the beautiful city Bern
Next to the Aare river, Bern is one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Tradition, Culture and Relaxation –
Bern, Capital City of Switzerland


In 1779, Goethe called Bern the most beautiful city he’d ever seen. Since then the city’s look hasn’t changed much. As a result, it has become an UNESCO world cultural heritage in the 80’s. If you ask Swiss people how they would describe Bern in one word they would usually say “slow-paced” or “cosy”. People from Bern are a relaxed and enjoyable bunch. If you live here, you probably won’t be confronted with a hectic pace or stress too often. However, one of the moments when stress creeps in even in Bern is when you’re about to move your home. This is somehow always stressful. That’s why we at MOVU have made it our purpose to make everything about the move as relaxed and easy as possible. You can simply fill in an online inquiry and tell us about your furniture. You have the choice of a virtual home visit where you can upload videos or pictures of your home or you can fill in the online questionnaire. We’ll then provide you with 5 offers from regional moving companies that are all insured and tested for their quality. You can then choose the ideal company and decide based on their profile and their previous client ratings. Getting offers and booking one of our moving partners is a piece of cake and will help you to move in a relaxed fashion. MOVU is as safe as the city Bern itself. In Bern, only 2.9 burglaries happen for 1’000 inhabitants while in other parts of Switzerland, like the Romandie that number is up to 6.9.



The onion cake is an original specialty from Bern and you’ll find it on a lot of menus. It’s made from onions, sour cream, eggs and bacon and you’ll find it at the famous “Zibelemärit” which is the yearly market. When you are moving to the capital of Switzerland you should definitely give this cake a try. Living costs in Switzerland are high and so are moving companies if you don’t pay attention. By choosing MOVU you won’t have to care about this since all our moving companies offer fixed prices. All the prices are shown transparently and you can easily compare between the different companies and get an impression of the differences in the pricing. On top of that the costs will not suddenly spike as could happen when working with companies that just offer hourly rates. Instead of spending more on your move rather use that money for a dinner in Bern with some of the local specialties.

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The picture shows a diagram of the number of new apartments from the year 2012 - 2014
The number of new apartments has increased over the last years

Bern – City of Diversity


Moving your goods, whether it’s a singles’ household or a family with pets and heavy furniture, can be extremely stressful and time consuming. It’s easy to lose the oversight in such a situation. You’ll have to remember everything from how to pack the boxes properly, to changing your address and registering your kids in the new school. We are here to make sure you won’t forget anything and if questions or problems arise we’ll help you sort it out with our Move Captains. They will be available for you throughout your whole move and all the details you’ll need to take care of are systematically collected in our checklist so your move to Bern will go smoothly without any problems.



Even though Bern is not one of the biggest cities in Switzerland, it still has a lot to offer with its 140’000 inhabitants. There is a Casino called the Grand Casino Bern that offers glamorous architecture, slot machines, card tables and an average payback of approximately 94%. No other Casino in Switzerland reaches comparable stats. If you’re up for tradition, then go visit the “Bärengraben”. Everybody that moves to Bern should pay it a visit. The bears that are also represented in Bern’s flag live here and you can also do a guided tour to get closer to them and learn more about their lives. But stay alert however cute they look, bears are dangerous. One other place that you should visit if you like nature is the flower-mecca called “Rosengarten”. It is a peaceful and fulfilling place to visit, especially after the exhausting move.



The town also offers a lot for physicists since Albert Einstein used to live in Bern for 2 years in the 20th century. The house he lived in was where he came up with the relativity theory and where he turned time and space upside down. It can still be visited today. Another very intelligent and interesting man called Mani Matter studied and lived in Bern as well. He is probably the most famous Swiss singer and created some of the funniest song stories ever to be heard in Switzerland. Bern is also the home of a very famous cow since it has broken several records. She’s called Haiti and has given 180’000 kilograms of milk, 6’680 kilograms of fat and 5’630 kilograms of protein so far. That’s an impressive performance!

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Moving to Bern? These are our Top-Secret Tips!

  1. Onions – The “Zibelemärit” takes place once a year in November and is a very charming festival.
  2. Shopping – In the midst of the old city you’ll find the 6km long arcade with boutiques, markets, shopping malls and coffee shops. The arcade is one of Europe’s longest shopping streets.
  3. Unique – The “Rendez-vous Bundeshaus” has not been around for long but it’s already a people magnet far beyond the boundaries of Bern with its display of light and sound.
  4. Music – The club “Mahogany Hall” is one of Bern’s oldest clubs and at the beginning, the jazz-band Longstreet gave a lot of concerts there. Until today there have been more than 3’000 concerts with local artists like Mani Matter.
  5. Nature – The bear-park enables people to get an insight into the life of bears. During the winter, when they are hidden in caves you’ll be able to watch them via webcams that are placed inside their caves. After an exhausting move visiting them is well worth the time.
  6. Bäärndüütsch – A very famous word from the local dialect is “äuää” or “äu-wä” which can express surprise, amazement or reinforcement to a statement.
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