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The picture shows the city Geneva

Geneva – Capital of Peace
MOVU – Peaceful Move Guaranteed


The headquarters of the UNO and the international red cross are located in Geneva. Because of that, the city is often called the capital of peace. On top of that, CERN, the European organization for nuclear research and 250 non-government organizations are registered in Geneva. It’s no surprise, that these organizations attract people from all over the world. A recent statistic shows that 47% of people living in Geneva are actually non-Swiss inhabitants. So, when you’re moving to Geneva or within the city, you’ll be surrounded by many different cultures. We from MOVU have developed an easy but safe system, to make your move into this exciting, international and vibrant city as smooth as possible. You only need to fill in one online inquiry and tell us about your inventory. You can do so with a video, which is like a virtual home-visit, or with an online list. After this you’ll receive 5 free moving quotes from our moving companies within 24 hours. You’ll be able to compare the offers online, check their offered prices, read the companies’ ratings, choose the moving company that suits you best and book them directly online with one click.



Geneva, the smallest metropolis in the world, has a lot to offer. Situated between alpine peaks and next to the lake of Geneva, the view of the city is amazing. The lakeside boardwalk attracts a lot of tourists in the summer and the view from the ships is stunning. You get to see the mountains up close, incredible landscapes and beautiful villas along the coast – don’t forget to bring a camera. You want to move as easily as possible without high prices, so that you can explore the city as soon as possible? No problem, start an inquiry now, get five offers and profit from a fixed price guarantee with MOVU. This way you won’t be paying more if the moving company takes more time than what you agreed on. Furthermore, all the moving companies are insured and by receiving 5 offers you can make sure to get the best deal as well.



Profit from our full-package service when moving to Geneva. French is not your native language? No problem for our local moving partners in Geneva. Do you have questions regarding other topics around your move? Rent deposit or address change for example? In our Blog, you’ll find a lot of information for all relevant topics regarding your move. If that is not enough, our Move Captains will be there to support you throughout your journey.

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Diagram of number of houses and apartments in Geneva over the years
The number of apartments and houses increases steadily

Guinness World Records and Cocktails

The name “Geneva” was first mentioned by Julius Caesar in the year 58 BC. Today the city with its population of 200’000 inhabitants is the second largest city in Switzerland. Every year, tourists book 2 million hotel nights and around 27’000 people move to Geneva, not counting the people moving within the city. Once you’ve managed your move to Geneva, it’s time to treat yourself to an original cocktail in one of the less touristic parts of the city. You’ll find interesting and unique drinks in Eaux-Vives, Carouge and Plainpalais. L’Atelier Cocktail Club and La Verre à Monique are known for their exotic creations and are definitely worth a visit.


You’ve finally managed the move and want to visit the city? You have your phone with you? Make sure to take a selfie in front of the iconic Jet d’eau. Its stream at the border of the lake reaches heights of up to 140 meters and you’ll be able to get incredibly close with one of the ship tours. On the right border of the lake you’ll find a lot of hotels and restaurants while on the left side you’ll be able to see the old part of the city with the cathedral of St-Pierre. This part of the city with its old buildings, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants shows an extremely beautiful part of the city.


You’d like to catch a glimpse of which problems the world is currently dealing with? In that case you can take a tour in the Palais des Nations, the European seat of the UNO. Furthermore, the exhibition of the red cross shows the more problematic issues in our world. The display shows insights into 150 years of humanitarian help and can be inspiring as well as shocking.


Geneva as a busy international city is the headquarter of many international companies, NGO’s and institutions. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the city holds some of the Guinness World Records. One example is the record for the longest cream cake in the world which was created here in Geneva and had an incredible length of 1221 meters. Also, the largest billboard was created in Geneva.

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Top 7 in Geneva

  1. The chair – the Palais des Nations is at the center of the international city of Geneva. The huge sculpture of the amputated chair was created by the artist Daniel Berset and symbolizes the struggle and fight against land mines.
  2. Shopping – the market Plainpalais attracts a lot of people, especially on Sundays. It’s the biggest market in the city and offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and other products from a lot of French vendors and farmers. You can stock up on fresh food after your move to Geneva.
  3. Time – Geneva is famous for its many watches that have been installed all over the city. The “flower clock” attracts a lot of tourists with its colorful flowers and the world’s largest seconds hand.
  4. University – The university of Geneva is the second largest university in Switzerland and just recently celebrated its 450th birthday.
  5. Partying – The district of Le Paquis is vibrant and alive at night. It also accommodates the red-light district of Geneva but is still famous for its trendy bars and attracts a lot of people.
  6. Nature – The botanic garden has been accessible to the public for more than a century. There’s a big variety of flowers, plants, trees and conservatories as well as an animal park with endangered animals. The garden isn’t just interesting for people studying Biology and a visit after the move will certainly help to relax.
  7. Excursions – A boat trip on the largest lake of middle Europe is wonderful every time of the year. The lake connects Geneva to Lausanne, Montreux and Vevey and the short trip to France is suddenly even more exciting when undertaken on the water.
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