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The picture shows Lucerne, a beautiful city to move to

Lucerne — The Pearl at the Lake of Lucerne


Lucerne is right next to the Lake of Lucerne, and it is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world. The “Kapellbrücke” and the needle dam attract countless tourists, and records show over one million accommodations annually. The KKL, designed by Jean Nouvel, also adds to that. It lives up to its reputation and does not only attract national and international stars, but also countless visitors. If you’re planning to move to Lucerne, then you can look forward to a lively town filled with events. If you’re planning to move, MOVU is your ideal partner. When moving, the time and effort it takes are often underestimated. Our goal instead is to make moving as inexpensive and qualitative as possible.



Redirections, traffic jam, stop lights — not a problem for our local and regional moving companies. They know the traffic situation in Lucerne, the short cuts, and the mentality of the people. In Lucerne, we work with 10 local moving companies, which are tested for their quality and are well insured. Send us an inquiry and get 5 offers for free by email within the next 24 hours or within 1 working day. Moreover, the bill is based on fixed prices only, so that there won’t be any angry surprises at the billing. So, lean back and enjoy the wonderful town and lake.



Each year we perform over 10’000 relocations and we’ve faced unthinkable challenges. Thus, we offer individual solutions with the optimal price-performance-ratio. Do you need an additional furniture lift? Would you like your furniture to be dismantled or set up? Or to have the moving company pack or unpack your boxes? Would you like your furniture or other items to be stored? Is one trailer enough or do you need a bigger truck? MOVU offers you the service that you need – affordable and competent. Let us take care of your relocation while you start discovering the beautiful town by strolling along the lake or exploring the old town.


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The picture shows a diagram with the numbers of people moving to Lucerne from other cantons.
The biggest number of people moving to Lucerne comes from Aargau and Zurich

Lucerne — An Environmentally Conscious Town


Lucerne has about 82’000 inhabitants and is one of the biggest cities in Switzerland. The town has continuously grown in the last ten years. A big number of people moving there are from the cantons Aargau, Zurich, and Bern. There’s a noticeable growth in the city, however there are some differences. The town center and the left lakeside have the quickest growth. The population density is highest in the town center. But even though the population is increasing, Lucerne is able to minimize the amount of garbage per person. And regarding the water consumption, the town has been exemplary. Most of the water comes from the clean Lake of Lucerne. By enhancing environmental awareness and technical innovations and examinations, the water consumption per person has decreased by up to 40% since the 90s.



Tourism in Lucerne is one of the most important economic sectors. Everyone who has been to Lucerne knows that there are countless tourists along the lakeside promenade. Languages, cultures, selfies and group photos – With that beautiful view of the Lake Lucerne it’s no wonder that tourists are taking pictures. The peak season is spring and summer. When it’s sunny and warm, 75% of the accommodations are foreign guests. Most of the tourists are from Asia and America. But you’re not planning a trip but a relocation to Lucerne, are you? In this case, MOVU is the ideal partner to make your relocation as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

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Tips for Newcomers in Lucerne

  1. Carnival — For people in Lucerne, it’s the most beautiful season of the year. The beginning is usually on Fat Thursday (‘Schmutziger Donnerstag’) and starts with a big bang. Enjoy the atmosphere of disguised figures and gorgeous masks.
  2. Kappellbrücke — The famous landmark is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. It was built in the 14th century and as a new resident you have to know this landmark.
  3. KKL — The center for culture and conference was built by the famous Parisian architect Jean Nouvel. The concert hall is famous for its acoustics and has 1’800 seats. Visit the concert hall in the KKL and enjoy the culture on an international level.
  4. Shopping — Lucerne has whatever the heart desires. The city is especially known for Swiss chocolate and watches. Enjoy the stroll in the old town with no traffic and visit one of the many weekly markets.
  5. Excursions — The region Lucerne is just as beautiful as the town. The Lake Lucerne invites you to a steamboat tour. And you’ll get to the Pilatus with the steepest rack railway of the world. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the town, in which you’ve moved to.
  6. Dialect — Switzerland is diverse, just as its dialects. You’ll find one of them in Lucerne. You’ll grow fond of their lovely and likeable dialect. As a start: They call their town “Lozärn”.
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