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Sweets, Art, and Carnival – Basel: City of Parades


Basel is situated next to one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Rhine. The city is famous for its “Basler Läckerli”, the traditional biscuits. With their unique ingredients, such as honey, nuts, candied fruits, and spices, the cookies are a pleasure. If one moves to the northern part of Switzerland, one shouldn’t just enjoy the “Läckerli” but also the relocation. MOVU will help you to find the best moving company and will guarantee you more than just quality and reasonable prices. The moving companies in Basel can convince you with their traffic safety and local competence. The fixed price guarantees that you won’t pay more than agreed on and that you can be certain that you’re not being tricked. Moreover, our Move Captains are available for your questions and problems and will negotiate between you and the moving company. They’ll also look after you during the relocation.



What’s worth seeing in Basel are certainly the Tinguely Museum and Tinguely’s artworks that can be admired in public spaces. They are complex, weird, not easy to interpret, but still fascinating. While art in Basel might look complicated, MOVU can realize an uncomplicated and easy relocation. It’s enough to simply fill out one online inquiry. Within 24 hours you’ll get 5 offers with fixed prices from different moving companies for free, so that you can compare them online. You can benefit from the ratings from previous customers. Choose the preferred moving company and book it only with one click. You don’t need to worry about the insurance, multiple requests and house visits, unclear hourly wages, and overpriced moving companies.



If you ask the Swiss how Basel is different from other cities, then the answer will be the Soccer club Basel. In April 2016, the club was the first one since the introduction of the Super League to shoot 1’000 goals. We from MOVU were able to accompany 10’000 moves and final cleanings with our moving companies in the last two years. Because of that, we were able to improve our service and are sure, that we will find a suitable solution for every customer. So, how about a city tour while we handle your move?

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Statistics of demolitions and new building in Basel from 2006 to 2016

Basel – Cross-border Commuters, Clapping Records, and "Guggenmusik"

If you move to Basel, then you’re moving to one of the 107’979 apartments and will be one of the 200’000 inhabitants in Basel. It might not be easy to find an apartment in Basel. The vacancy ratio of 0.3% is quite low, and the average in Switzerland is at 1%. Also, not much is built, so the search for a flat can be demanding. That’s why, we from MOVU are pleased to hear that you’ve found a flat and that you’re about to plan your relocation. You can especially look forward to February. It’s when the city is in a state of exception for 3 days and nights. During these days, thousands of people are headed to the streets of the town center and about 20’000 visitors are masked for the carnival. You can hear “Guggenmusik” everywhere, colors and people in costumes fill the streets and it’s time to celebrate. Also, a lot of tourists will be attracted to Basel during this time of the year. Last year, 1.2 million hotel accommodation were booked and quite a few were in Basel because of the massive spectacle of the carnival.


The northern city borders on Germany and France. So, it’s no surprise that Basel has over 36’000 cross-border commuters and that there’s a mix of languages and cultures. 14’000 people move to Basel every year and with a moving rate of 11.7%, Basel has the third highest moving rate. So, it’s not surprising that Basel has countless moving companies. Sometimes you get lucky and catch a very good company on the first try. However, it can happen that you have to make several inquiries, handle house visits and offers before you find the perfect moving company. MOVU will help you to find the best moving company in Basel. Start an inquiry now and get 5 offers from moving companies for free. In this way, nothing will stand in the way of your move.

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Tips for People Moving to Basel

  1. Market – The daily market offers fresh products and local specialties. Whether it’s just to stroll around or to buy fresh products, it’s easy to spend a couple hours on the market place.
  2. Architecture – For people interested in architecture, Basel is the mecca of modern architecture. The Swiss architecture museum is also in Basel and worth checking out.
  3. Clubbing – If you’d like to go partying after the move, here are some awesome places to check out: Nordstern, Il giardino urbano, Marina Basel, Hinterhof Terrasse, Bollwerk-Buvet, Patschifig, Landestelle.
  4. Shopping – The old town in Basel is perfect for a shopping tour. From the “Freie Strasse” to the market place and to the “Spalenberg”, there’re many small boutiques, designer brands, and stores with local specialties.
  5. Culture – With the Basel Card you get reduced entry prices to museums, theatres, and cinemas. There’s also a City Treasure Hunt and it’s not only fun for children, but for each age group.
  6. Nature – What you shouldn’t miss in Basel is a journey on the ferry of the Rhein. Just ring the bell and enjoy the ride.
  7. Basel dialect – Basel has a lot of funny words such as “Schruubedämpferli”, which means ice-skates.
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