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What to Expect when Moving to Zurich


Zurich is famous for its efficiency and performance but the city is also known for its hectic pace and haste. Moving in Zurich is often more adventurous, expensive and stressful than in other cities. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Moving with MOVU is dead easy. More than 20 of our partner moving companies are located in and around Zurich. All you need to do is to fill in an online inquiry and you’ll receive 5 offers from locally experienced moving companies with an excellent price-performance ratio. You can compare their offers and prices online, book one and then lean back to enjoy a stress-free and relaxed move. Whether you’re moving to a one-room apartment or relocating the whole family, including pets, bicycles and a piano – our local moving companies know exactly how to maneuver the treacherous traffic and pitfalls of a big city like Zurich.



Moving is usually quite expensive and takes a lot of preparation. On top of this Zurich is also regarded as the 2nd most expensive city. We believe you can guess what that means for the hourly rates of many moving providers. That’s why we offer fixed prices. When you book with MOVU you won’t have to worry about these things. Saving money, time and energy sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? Fill in the online inventory and receive 5 offers with fixed prices from insured companies. On top of that you can also request additional quotes for the final cleaning of your home from the companies. Instead of having to clean the apartment yourself you’ll be able to spend another day in Zurich. Even though Zurich is expensive and hectic the “Lonely Planet” ranked it as one of the top 10 cities to visit.



Over the last two years MOVU has organized more than 10’000 moves in Switzerland which enabled us to improve our service step by step. By continually improving our service we are now able to provide a high-quality standard of our service. Our trained Move Captains will accompany you throughout your move and are able to counsel you on all issues around your change of address. If you want to experience a good quality move for a fair price, then start your inquiry now and receive 5 quotes.

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    MOVU fixed price includes: removal van, arrival and departure, fuel, transport insurance, move assistants, as well as loading and unloading. And for cleaning services you get a handover guarantee on top.

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    You are accompanied by our MOVU consultants throughout the entire move for free. We listen, inform and coordinate between you and our partner companies.

Diagram of the origin of people moving to Zurich

Diverse and International

Every year the number of new inhabitants increases in Zurich. It is already the biggest city with more than 400’000 inhabitants but it keeps growing. Every year, 43’000 people move to this city and the diversity of inhabitants is staggering: people from 169 nations live here. This also shows when looking at the landscape of restaurants, bars and clubs in Zurich. The variety is incredible and it’s near to impossible that you won’t find the right spot for yourself here.


Compared to other parts of Switzerland, a massive number of people moves every year. Because of the constant growth of the population, it’s difficult to find new apartments. We at MOVU are really happy to help you move to your new home. Start an inquiry now to get free offers and to make the move as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Another reason to stay in Zurich is the culturally diverse offering. The opera, a lot of museums, the “Kunsthaus” and theatres are only a few to name here. If you’re looking for bars and activities, we recommend you to visit the old part of town or the district where the industry was formerly situated. Once you’ve visited these parts of Zurich you’ll probably understand why so many people move to Zurich every year.


Another highlight of Zurich is definitely the lake. Passing by during the summer you’ll see a lot of people sunbathing, swimming, diving, paddling or on pedalos, private boats, cruises and rowing boats. During winter people trade the lake for the close by mountains for skiing. For people that don’t want to go that far, the “Üetliberg” offers a nice view over the city. With its 871 meters above sea level it usually also offers fantastic routes to sleigh during winter time.

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Tips for Newly Arrived

  1. Traffic – During rush hours, traffic is bad. Think about using the public transportation where there are also special tickets for certain areas of Zurich. You’ll be able to use the trams, buses, S-Bahn and even the boats with it.
  2. Shopping – The “Bahnhofsstrasse” is renowned for its prices even across our borders. You’ll easily be able to spend a whole day shopping on this 1.4-kilometer-long road with its crossroads, boutiques, coffee shops and beautiful buildings.
  3. Cultural offering – The opera at the “Sechseläutenplatz” was recently renovated. It not only looks amazing it also offers incredible operas for enthusiasts.
  4. Education – There are several good universities in Switzerland but nonetheless the ETH is one of its rock-stars and is ranked 8th globally.
  5. Clubbing – The club “Kaufleuten” with its bar and restaurant was named as one of the top ten locations in Europe by an English magazine. Opinions in Zurich about the location vary wildly and we encourage you to go and check it out for yourself.
  6. Nature – If you’re looking for a place to relax after the move, the botanic garden with thousands of plants, located on 53’000 m2, is the right place for you.
  7. “Züridüütsch” – There are two words you’ll be hearing a lot. “Grüezi”, which means welcome in the local slang as well as “Chuchichäschtli” which is just an incredibly hard word to pronounce.