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Moving to Lausanne – the Capital of Vaud


Spread across several hills, high above the Lake of Geneva, you can find Lausanne. This location allows a unique view of the Savoy alps across the lake and is also the reason for the steep streets in the city. An interesting trip to the waterside promenade is worth the time and leads to the Olympic museum, which was opened in 1993. The seat of the international Olympic committee and a variety of international sports associations are also in Lausanne and contribute to the multicultural flair of the city. After moving to or within Lausanne, you also get to enjoy a gourmet city with many culinary highlights, like the traditional Vaud-stew for example. If you move with MOVU, the move will also be a highlight. Because of an easy and uncomplicated inquiry, you will receive 5 offers from certified moving companies within hours. Enjoy the view from your new home while MOVU takes care of the rest.



From the lake back into the center of Lausanne it’s easiest to take the metro – the only metro in Switzerland, actually. Walk by the picturesque old town with its gothic cathedral Notre-Dame and visit the Place de Riponne. This is where life happens and twice a week you can go shopping on the market. At the eastern side of the market is the Palais de Rumine. Five museum are located here, the canton’s art museum included. Walk down the Rue de Bourg, where patrician façades flank the streets and shops invite you inside. You might find some accessories for your new apartment here. If you plan your move with MOVU, you also benefit from exclusive deals and coupons and get to save cash. These additional offers are unique in the moving market and a sign of our service.



The university and the ETH of Lausanne enjoy an excellent reputation and more than 25’000 students are studying here. The Innovation Park, right next to the ETHL accommodates over 100 start-ups, working on developing self-propelled buses and other interesting things. The IMD, one of the leading business schools worldwide, and the Ecole hôtelière, the best in its field, are both located in Lausanne. If you’re moving to Lausanne because of one of these institutions, you chose a good place to move to. To make your move as comfortable as possible, MOVU offers you a consultant – free of charge. Did your moving date change? Or do you need help choosing a suitable moving company? No problem, our Move Captains are here for you.

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Hotel guests in Lausanne from abroad and from Switzerland

Culture, Wine and Dance

First traces of settlement can be traced back to the fourth millennium BC and show how far back the city’s history goes. Today, Lausanne is the fourth biggest city in Switzerland with over 140’000 inhabitants and a 40% share of foreigners, which reflects the multicultural population of Lausanne.


Western Swiss people are known for relaxing and enjoying life. This shows in the preference of wine from the Lavaux vineyards. The vineyards are part of the UNESCO world heritage and if you’re planning a short trip you can also get there by boat. Once you mastered the move, you should indulge in a glass of wine in the restaurant Esquisse, right in the middle of the picturesque Parc de l’hermitage.


The former industrial district Le Flon is also worth a visit. The modern district kept its initial style and has a very special ambience. Shopping, good restaurants and hip bars – you can find all of that here. After the move, you should definitely visit the district.


If you’re moving to Lausanne as a student, you can look forward to the vibrant nightlife. The Mad club is one of the best-known clubs in Switzerland and allows partying on five floors until the early morning hours. The concentration of clubs in Lausanne even surpasses the one in Zurich and Geneva.

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Top 5 in Lausanne

  1. Olympic museum – Initiated by the president of the international Olympic committee, the museum accommodates the Olympic torches and tries to convey the Olympic spirit to its visitors.
  2. City center – Discover the old town by foot, enjoy the view from the Cathédrale de Lausanne and walk across the beautiful Escaliers du Marché down to the Place de la Palud for a coffee at the Café de l’Hôtel de Ville.
  3. Ouchy – Right next to the lake, the promenade is perfect for an excursion on a Sunday. For lunch, the Créperie d’Ouchy is worth a try.
  4. Lavaux Vineyards – They are between Lausanne and Montreux and are part of the UNESCO world heritage. They are perfect for a hike and a wine tasting at the end.
  5. La Pine Besson – A visit of the historical pub is a must-do. During the winter, it’s ideal to enjoy a cheese fondue in its special atmosphere.
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