Moving to Lausanne: What to consider?

If you want to move from, to or within Lausanne, you have a lot to prepare. In addition, the question arises as to whether you would like to carry out your move on your own or with a professional moving company.

About Lausanne

With around 145,000 inhabitants, Lausanne is the capital of the district of the same name and the capital of the canton of Vaud. The city on Lake Geneva in French-speaking Switzerland is embedded in the Geneva-Lausanne metropolitan region, where 1.2 million people live.

Lausanne is very important economically, politically and culturally. The city is also considered the most important transport hub in western Switzerland. The Federal Supreme Court, the IOC, other world sports federations, the International Sports Court (CAS) and the Swiss Film Archive are all based here.

Moving to Lausanne: Relocation company or on your own?

Anyone who moves things themselves undoubtedly saves money, but has a lot of work to do. They have to rely on volunteers from friends and family. A disadvantage is the lack of insurance, as the transported goods are not insured as with a professional company.

If you organize your move yourself, you will have to take care of a transporter. Depending on the size of the van you will need a driving license class C1. Detailed information can be found in our article on moving vans.

Consider early on how much goods you need to move, how far you need to travel and what the time schedule should look like. Bulky furniture must be well secured in the transporter with transport belts.

You should not only instruct your moving helpers, but also provide them with food on the day of the relocation. After all, saturated helpers are better than hungry ones.

Moving to Lausanne with a professional removal company

If you choose a relocation company in Lausanne, you will have less work. The professionals of the moving company know their way around and know exactly what matters. This saves time and nerves in the traffic situation in Lausanne. In addition, the furniture and other moving goods are optimally protected. Special packaging material is used. The company is also insured against damage. In addition, the company has an excellent estimate of the time and personnel required.

Sometimes special transport devices are required, such as a furniture lift for bulky goods. The removal company brings this with them, which makes transport even easier.

Get offers from different moving companies for a price comparison. Many relocation companies carry out a home visit in advance in order to ascertain the cost of the move in detail. Pricing can be either fixed prices or hourly prices with a ceiling of costs. The latter can be cheaper if the move takes place somewhat faster than planned.

Packaging material for your move to Lausanne

Packaging material is always required. You can buy or rent removal boxes and protective material in the DIY store, online or from removal companies. Fragile things need extra padding. Newspapers, bubble wrap or blankets are suitable for this. In the transporter, things must then be fastened with belts so that nothing falls over during the journey.

Parking reservation in Lausanne

As in most Swiss cities, the parking situation in Lausanne is complicated. Contact the city council. A parking space can be reserved for 24 hours for a small fee. This avoids annoyance on the day of the move.

How much does your move in Lausanne cost?

General statements on this are not possible. Decisive factors are:

  • Distance between both places of residence (influences fuel costs and working time costs of the removal helpers)
  • Floor number of both addresses (influence labour costs of a forwarding agency)
  • Availability of a lift
  • Volume and weight of individual pieces of furniture
  • Effort for disassembly and reassembly (cabinets, bed etc.)
  • Special insurance for very sensitive items
  • Number of moving boxes
  • Number of relocation assistants

A removal company in Lausanne will give you an exact quote. If you move by yourself you have to calculate the costs individually. You will find an initial overview of the costs in our text on relocation costs.

Relocation checklist for download: Everything at a glance

You can download our moving checklist free of charge so that you do not lose track of your move and are immersed in the chaos of moving. This allows you to tick off all important points individually and proceed step-by-step in organizing the move.